friends for life

these people have our hearts and our forever gratitude for their support of our family as we travel!

thank you so much to:


Ariel, Israel

We loved staying with Ariel's family, visiting his wife's classroom at the local school, and the privilege of being included in their extended family's traditional Shabbat dinner.


dima & yulia, Israel

Dima, Yulia, and their 3 sons were such fun hosts. They showed us the potential of unschooling, cooked us delicious shakshuka, and threw Kristy a birthday party while we were staying with them!


elad, israel

Elad was a very gracious host, and we fell in love with his kibbutz. It was such a safe and friendly community, and we really enjoyed our time there!


ran & lisa, Israel

Ran and Lisa brought us into their family, took us to Caesarea and Mount Carmel, introduced us to delicious kanafeh, and helped us make some of our favorite memories in Israel!


uria, Israel

Uria and his girlfriend welcomed us to their place in Eilat and brought us to see an awesome local water and light show, in addition to checking on us throughout our time in Eilat.


zapp family(extraordinary World travelers!)

We were so thrilled to meet up with the Zapp family in Israel! Their family of 6 has traveled all over the world in their 1928 car, and they are so wonderfully joyful to be around.


jia wen,malaysia

We had so much fun staying with Jia Wen in Penang! She showed us where to get the best local foods, helped us tour the island, and joined us for the crazy Hard Rock Hotel foam party!



Jerome is incredibly gracious, and we had a blast at his beautiful home in San Luis Obispo. We made s'mores with his sons over the fire pit and enjoyed simply hanging out and chatting with him and his roommates.



Dusty is amazing. He is above and beyond generous, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to get to know him and his sweet boys.