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Hi, I'm Kristy! I'm a former language analyst who couldn't bear the 9-to-5, cubicle life, so I quit my job, moved to sunny San Diego, and I started learning the ropes of entrepreneurship and online marketing. Now, I specialize in funnel hacking and helping entrepreneurs successfully grow their online businesses.

I have loved travel forever now... I grew up devouring books like Under The Tuscan Sun, went on Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises with my parents, and spent a semester in Spain during college. All of those instilled in me a permanent case of wanderlust that just grows stronger with each new place we explore!

When I have free time and access to a mixing bowl and pans (not always easy on the road!), I love to bake... brownies, cookies, cakes, cobblers, fudge... anything sweet and delicious! I'm also a diehard fan of 90s rock music, and if I'm in control of Netflix, I'll choose repeats of Arrested Development and The Office any day!

Family of 7



Man, I wish I was half as cool as my kids are. ;)

We have 5 amazing children, from ages 9 down to an infant! They are expert travelers, and we know we couldn't live this lifestyle if they weren't so incredible.

Our girls love dance and gymnastics, are obsessed with The Greatest Showman (movie and soundtrack :)), and they've started their own YouTube channel for making doll videos!

Our sweet little boys are happy and easygoing, and there are frequent "fights" between their sisters to hold them and give them hugs. :)

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I’m an entrepreneur who is still trying to figure out who I want to be when I grow up. I originally went to film school, and then after college, I fell in love with technology and Marketing Psychology. I specialize in creative innovation, brand optimization, and helping entrepreneurs automate their business systems.

“Hey Josh, how did an ugly dude like yourself score such a hot babe like your wife?” She says it's because I’m funny and adventurous. We are both determined to live life outside the typical boundaries, and we've spent the last few years traveling the globe as a family! My favorite countries are Ireland, Malaysia, Spain, and Israel.